This release introduces various enhancements and improvements and introduces a special offer for a free video chat account.

Improved Mobile Video Chat & Co-browsing

We have improved how video chat works with co-browsing, by allowing the video chat window to “float” over the co-browsed content. The video window can be moved around with a push of a finger. It is also possible to switch between chat and video chat using the icon that appears above the video chat on the right. This provides a larger area for co-browsing and makes browsing on mobile devices more effective.

Video chat with co-browsing on mobile using VeriShow

Customer video chatting with the agent while co-browsing the site

Free Video Chat account – Limited Holiday Promotion!

We now offer a free video chat account as a holiday promotion. The account is not limited by time or number of calls! It enables the agent to chat live with the customer  by text and engage with audio/video, in a one or two-way conversation. You are welcome to sign-up for a free video chat account.

Video chat between a customer and an agent in VeriShow

Customer text and video chatting with an agent

Other Improvements
  • Roles – VeriShow now supports assignment of roles for agents. Selected agents can be classified as Admins, who will have full access to the account and its features, except for billing setup and information, which is only available to the Account Owner.  The Manage Live Reps section allows an Admin to set an individual agent as a an Agent or as an Admin. This allows setting a number of Admins per account, for example to manage reps and view Dashboard data.
  • Visitor blocking – When an unwelcome visitor disturbs an agent, the agent is now able to block the visitor. This will not allow the visitor to call again (e.g. hide the live help button), until unblocked by the agent. The feature is available from the Info window (click ‘i’ next to the visitor in the Website Visitors page, or within the session).
  • Missed Calls data – For improved reporting and following customer feedback, we have updated what counts as ‘Missed Calls’ in the analytics Dashboard. Previously, when agents were not available during after hours, calls that went to an after-hours form counted as missed. With the update, only calls that were started and then stopped (e.g. customer clicking on button, waits for an agent and closes the window) would count as missed.
  • Improved Kiosk interaction – We now support an ‘Engage’ mode that allows agents to “push” video chat to the customer side without additional steps. The agent can select the visitor in the Website Visitors page and click ‘Engage’. The chat/video chat window will automatically open at the Kiosk side allowing the agent to chat and broadcast video to the customer.

If you have any questions regarding the new release please contact us.