When we talk about jobs or hiring talent or even simply retaining the existing ones, we constantly are thinking of the HR person. He/She is that one person who takes care of all of these things. Certainly then, Human Resource leaders have quite a bit of things on their plates. Not only do they play a major role in developing the company’s workforce but also indulge in their training, benefits and further enhancements. All of this requires great communication as well as collaboration with everyone. While there are quite a few ways that let HR personnels make the ends meet, one thing that particularly stands out is the use of Video Chat applications.

Video Chat Applications double the performance of HR leaders

Since the generation today moves on the click of a mouse or their smartphone, they want to be the ones to choose where and how they work. The youth is used to being connected all the time and that is when, Video Chat comes into the picture. There are numerous ways through which the use of Video Chat Applications enhance the performance of the HR Department in a company. Video Chat:

Abridges hire time: The HR Department has to meet each and every potential candidate for a given job to hire them, thus making the process a whole lot slower. Video Chat on the other hand speeds up the process significantly. Since the personal meeting is cut down to just a face to face interaction online, time is saved on a pretty large scale.

Attracts talent: The use of Video Chat Application gives out an impression of how innovative a company is when it comes to communication and collaboration. For example, studies show that youth today is highly impressed by companies if they make use of the latest technologies to connect with them.

Accelerates decision – making: Once you’re communicating through Video Chat Applications, you know you don’t have to go and call everyone separately for a meeting. HR Departments benefits largely from this concept. HR leaders, all along, have to gather everyone together and come to a conclusion which absorbs most of their time. On the other hand, the use of Video Chat Applications permits them to reach out to everyone at the same time which in turn encourages the decision – making process.

Improves employee engagement: When meetings take place, it is common to find a few employees over participating and vice – versa. It is a tedious task for an HR personnel to get to those individuals who don’t participate as required, during such meetings. On the other hand, the use of Video Conferencing for communications works wonders and makes even the remote users participate more into the company’s affairs since it gives them an identity.

Better Training and Development: Once a person is hired by a particular company, training comes as the next necessary step. One of the biggest advantages of using a Video Chat Application is that not only the HR Department but experts on remote matters can be reached by each and every employee, hassle – free. For example : If, during an employee meeting, a remote topic comes up and no one has the exact knowledge about it, the HR leader can simply connect to an expert and clear out doubts. This eases the training of new employees as the session can be made much more interactive and fast for the young talent.

The use of Video Chat Applications in companies is still in the growing stage but due its benefits, it is reaching out at a fast pace indeed. The simple benefits of using Video Conferencing Applications outrun the bigger efforts made by the HRD for in – person meetings, training and development and it, eventually, is going to completely replace in – person communication.