In Personalization Strategies to Attract and Retain Customers, you will find that nowadays, most salespersons or CSRs use technology to build one-to-one relationships with global customers. Such personalization measures according to the cited article, lead to repeat customers and higher profits. Moreover, developing relationships with customers beyond products and services can help to bring in more repeat as well as new traffic to ecommerce sites.

As more digital buyers demand personalized services, direct interaction tools like co-browsing provide a proven method to enhance loyalty among customers. Co-browsing enables retailers to target repeat customers with tailored product and service offerings based on their past buying data. When co-browsing is used with live video chat tool, the sales or customer service agent can interact one-on-one with the customer to show new products, answer queries, or resolve issues while enhancing the personalized engagement experience. This kind of virtual digital face-to-face interaction is almost as good as an in-person customer service experience as people use to get in a real brick and mortar store.

Often customers look for personalized service while gathering information about specific products and services they are interested in prior to making an online transaction. This type of valuable buying information can boost future sales and attract new customers with similar preferences.

Business Gains beyond Product Sales

When e-retailers are actively using technology to increase sales, they have more flexibility in providing information that could lead to an online transaction, for example:

Showcasing custom products – Co-browsing provides a grand opportunity for showcasing custom products and services to customers based on their buying preferences and helping them in the buying process.

Navigating product selection – This experience is like a collaborative shopping experience, where the sales representative becomes an active contributor to the buying process. The live discussion about products opens up a socializing opportunity, which can help to retain the customer over a long haul.

Collecting valuable customer information – Co-browsing also allows retailers to collect valuable customer information like demographic details, individual preferences, tastes, special needs, which may be used stored and later to offer tailored products or services.

Developing a long-lasting relationship with customers – On the web platform, it is easy to lose customer loyalty as the choices are phenomenal. The e-retailers, who wish to acquire customers for the long run, have to be dramatically different in their customer engagements approach from their competitors. Live video chat and co-browsing provide immense opportunities to show individual care and attention to the customer, so that the customer genuinely wants to remain loyal to the retailer.

Use of co-browsing for enhanced customer loyalty

Among many customer-friendly strategies discussed in the Huffington Post article 10 Ways to Make Your Customers Fall in Love with Your Business, two which can be achieved through the use of co-browsing technology are:

  • One-on-one interaction with customers

The satisfied customers generally discuss their positive, one-on-one customer-service experiences on the social media. That kind of word-of-mouth publicity can boost a retailer’s traffic and sales.

  • Active listening to customer opinions

When retailers listen to customer discussions on social media, forums, or chats about the public opinion on their products and services, they get a goldmine of feedback! Also, through co-browsing engagement, the retailers are receiving direct feedback from individual prospects or customers, which can help them to market their products better.

Both the above strategies can help to retain old customers and gain loyalty from new customers.