Over the years, shifts in the business environment such as  globalization, technological advancements and changing customer expectations has impacted the buying process, whether of a daily-use item or a high-end electronics gadget.

To deal effectively with the demands made by such shifts, companies have come up with new solutions like online shopping or automated 24/7 service which deliver convenience, have also resulted in putting up barriers between the company and the customer.

More and more, customers find it a challenge today to reach a company representative as they navigate through the buying journey to discuss a problem live or seek additional information.  More often than not, their experience in interacting with a company is unsatisfactory and frustrating due to issues such as these:

  1. No ready solution or answers: While feeling the need for additional information or a solution, customers at times find that the resources provided by the company aren’t sufficient. This forces them to explore ways of reaching out to the company, which if not immediate and easy, might result in the customer abandoning the purchase
  2. Lack of immediacy in responses: Companies often take a long time to respond to queries or complaints. Email responses take a day or two and phone calls can mean being shifted agent to agent for problem resolution. This delays a buying decision or transaction
  3. Lack of personalized solutions: Due to limited interaction, customer service agents often have a poor understanding of customer issues. So even after making contact with the company, a customer finds that no appropriate response to his or her problem is being provided.
  4. No human interaction: The current modes of contact offered by companies are mostly impersonal – emails, toll-free call centers or web forms. And furthermore, focus is on quickly handling a customer issue rather than spending time on understanding customer needs

Poor customer experience has direct impact on sales as proven by an Accenture report. A study by the company has showed that over 66 percent of customers end up switching companies after experiencing poor service.

Make It Easy for Your Customers to Reach You in Real-time

Real-time communication tools put customer interaction as the priority. They address much of difficulties faced by customers in reaching out to companies by providing intuitive and flexible tools that enhance the quality of interaction and improve accessibility through one-on-one communication.

The major capabilities of the platform that boost customer contact are:
  • Live video chat: Make use of video chat to discuss face-to-face with customer for better understanding of needs, and respond to queries or issues with immediate solutions
  • Cobrowsing for personalized help: Simultaneous navigation by an agent and customer remotely is highly useful to walk a customer through an issue, a process or even product demonstrations. It can also be used to help customers finish a transaction such as filling up forms
  • Live chat for convenient service: Text-based support is fast becoming a preferred mode as it is non-intrusive and adapts to the convenience of the customer. Live chat offers a quick way to answer questions or provide clarifications instantly
  • Content sharing: The virtual engagement platform is an all-encompassing solution. It allows direct transfer of supporting documents such as brochures or images even as an agent is engaged in a discussion with a customer
  • Cross-platform solution: Multi-mode support is feasible as a co-browsing session can be initiated alongside a telephonic conversation which provides the agent with visual context enabling faster resolution of the problem.
Increase Business Performance with Real Time Engagement Tools

The benefits of the platform are manifold:

  • Click-to-call service: Customers can just click on a button on the website and reach a company representative
  • Speeds up buying process: Quick responses to customer queries results in removing the hindrances to closing a sale
  • High first -call resolution of issues : Customer issues can be sorted the first time they are raised as agents are able to have better understanding of the problem through cobrowsing
  • Enriched customer interactions: The multi-media support ensures that the customer has a choice to pick the most convenient mode.

Low cost effective solution:  The solution needs no overwhelming software/plugin purchase or installation and is entirely secure.