Nowadays, marketers are trying hard to create the best customer experiences through the implementation of various strategies.  Studies have shown that by skillfully devising and carrying out strategies for better customer experience, the companies have reaped huge gains.  Not only the initiatives for achieving better customer experiences but better customer satisfaction for those who have brought higher revenue and increased employee satisfaction.

A customer experience-summation of touch points

A touch point is a point of contact or interaction between the marketer and its customers. Every customer experience is a summary of the related touch points that lasts throughout the life cycle of a customer. As the norm goes, each interaction needs to become steady irrespective of the channel. In order to make a flawless channel experience, the marketers need to offer a single customer view.

How do the marketers establish Customer View?

When it comes to having a complete or single view of a particular customer’s profile, most of the companies fail to achieve that. The fact is due to lack of time, most of the companies are not able to take advantage of 80% of precious customer data, confined to computer systems. However, with the progress of technology and availability of multiple sources of customers’ data, getting a complete view of the customer’s profile is more than possible now.

How to get a full-fledged Customer View?

Identification of sources of Customer Data – The most important task here is to identify the sources’ of information and then put them together. The sources might exist in the email systems, record of billing, history of web, and sales counters. Data existing in the forms of address and phone numbers and other demographical figures like marital status, life styles, hobbies, and income figures could become valuable sources of information for the organization. Data needs to get processed and stored systematically to make sure information about the customers is available at the click of the button of the mouse of the computer.

4 touch points considered vital for successfully keeping up customer experience are as follows:

Keep the customers engaged while effectively listening – First of all, the customers need to be properly valued. Giving a good customer experience means the customer care representative is effectively listening to the customers and simultaneously engaging them in words to make them act towards a favorable decision. For this, it is also important to conduct polls and surveys, where the customers could easily place their opinions, complaints, and queries from time to time. Whenever, the customers need self-importance, the marketer needs to take proper steps to make them feel important.

Apart from listening to the customers, Companies or the marketers need to have down to a business plan to be in touch with the customers with personalized offers and messages.

Focus on the market by proper segmentation of customers – When the marketers send random messages or personalized offers, those might not serve the purpose as various types of customers are available in the market. In order to create a better customer experience, the marketer needs to segment the market into different categories of customers as per their demographics. The data about the customers could get analyzed and properly segmented on the basis of history of buying, geographical boundaries, and on the basis of other such important attributes. A properly segmented market could get effectively penetrated by personalized offers and messages. This is the other effective touch point for customer experience.

Extending personalized offers – Personalized offers have great value so far as communications with customers are concerned. They respond favorably when based on their purchase frequency, they get personalized offers from the marketers. As personalization plays a substantial role in the customer experience, there goes no doubt that personalized offers are really effective touch point in customer experience. As a study (Infosys) points out, more than 86% of customers agree that personalized offers play a big role in their buying decisions.

Making optimum use of Digital Customer Experience – Digital media has become a very important part of everyone’s life. Marketers need to know that which digital channel customers trust the best. It could be television, website, or video-chat. If it is an effective touch point, marketers need to head to it fast How to Use Video Chat and Co-browsing to Increase Sales?