You want to improve your sales, your website conversion rates and your customer service. That’s why you’ve enhanced your standard text chat capabilities with video and audio conferencing, as well as the ability to collaborate via documents, whiteboards and more. But are you getting the optimal results? Following several proven engagement best practices might be the key to helping your company achieve or exceed its goals.

VeriShow created a best practices guide to help our customers make the most of real-time, multimedia collaboration and sell more. This 11-page overview of best practices includes:

  • Technical suggestions based on use case scenarios
  • Tips to ensure requests for help are answered quickly
  • Suggestions for closing deals on the spot
  • Activities that increase average order value
  • Information to help stem customer attrition

In addition, our best practices guide offers thoughts on increasing the return on investment in search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. We teach you how to leverage product videos in your engagement sessions and entice prospects to click on your VeriShow call buttons.Want to read more? Download the guide here, and start getting better results from your live engagement efforts.