VeriShow’s video chat products can be used by remote customer support teams for more effective communication that helps resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently, saving time and money for the organization while helping to retain customers because of the better quality of service provided.

Product Specifications

The video chat feature is easy to integrate with the website and can be initiated by the customer by clicking on a button. Alternately, the agent can also initiate the video chat from an email, chat window, or SMS depending on how the customer has contacted them. The product is compatible with multiple browsers and devices, customer service representatives can communicate with customers using any Android device. The product uses WebRTC for real time communication.

As the video chat requires less bandwidth, has advanced security, does not require the customer to download any applications, and is extremely user friendly. Moreover, customers will have the ability to accept video or audio chats or decline them.

Advantages of Video Chats for Customer Service Representatives

Offering video chat based remote customer service has multiple advantages. Firstly, it enhances the quality of communication between the customer and the representative. In face-to-face communication we use gestures, expression, tonal variations, and words to communicate. However, when communicating using chat, we need to use only words to communicate and this can lead to miscommunication or loss of meaning. A customer service representative can take the call to initiate a video or audio chat if they feel that the customer is either unable to communicate easily or is unable to understand what the representative is saying.

Visual Communication

For instance, if a customer is unable to name a part or is unable to describe the way a product now looks, they can show the product or part to the customer service representative via video chat. This will help ensure faster resolution of the problem. A customer can simply point to the part that they are referring to.

Building Better Rapport

Also, often when we talk to someone face to face it is possible to establish a rapport by smiling, joking, or exchanging pleasantries. However, a chat can be very impersonal and this can be off putting for some customers. A customer service representative trying to build rapport via chat might end up conveying the wrong impression because they are unable to gauge the responsiveness of the customer or convey the idea of a joke using only words. A video or even an audio communication can be more helpful in building a rapport and retaining customers.

Communicating with Non Native Speakers

With globalization, a business might have customers who are not native speakers of English. This can again lead to communication problems as some customers might be uncomfortable putting their thoughts in writing even on chat. Instead, if they are offered the opportunity to initiate a video call, they will be happy to do so. A friendly and encouraging customer service representative can help a diffident customer voice their feedback and problems, ensuring that the customer is retained and provides word or mouth marketing services as well.

A business can save on the costs of customer service as it can employ fewer remote customer service representatives as each representative will be able to resolve the complaint faster, freeing them to deal with other customer complaints. Additionally, the remote customer service representative will be able to resolve issues online, reducing the number of technicians and customer service representatives needed to visit customer premises. This is an added benefit to businesses even as they are able to respond to customer complaints immediately, increasing the number of satisfied customers.