In this age of digitization, information is the basis for decisions and choices.  The online channel has become the primary mode of interaction between a customer and a company, resulting in companies feeling that every bit of related information must be made available to ensure that customers have all relevant information.

But it can hamper the experience for customers. Websites can become a bewildering maze given the plethora of information put out there, often leading to a loss of interest as customer don’t have the time to sort it out.  They may miss the information they are looking for or simply lose patience. Confused and unsure about how to proceed, customers end up deciding to just abandon their journey.

Proactive Customer Service That Supports Online Journey Through Website

Research points out that 74 percent of customers feel frustrated when irrelevant content is shown them during their online journey.  Information overload can affect a customer’s experience as it becomes difficult to identify information that is truly useful and pertinent to their goals or requirements.

Poor website experience thus takes a toll on business revenue which is why ecommerce businesses offers support services that support the customer on their journey.

This is where multi-faceted technological platforms can play a role in making the customer’s journey   smooth and engaging. Real time engagement tools are make it possible from a company’s support staff to actively guide and assist customers as they browse through the site.

Cobrowsing used in combination with live video chat provides individualized attention, offering solutions and advice targeted at the needs of the customers. Customers will feel reassured and more confident as the customer agent is able to act as a personal guide pointing out and highlighting relevant information that is of interest to them. Customers are able arrive at buying decisions faster and easier, and the whole shopping experience is better.

Improve Customer Experience with Cobrowsing

The following 5 ways showcase how online businesses can leverage this powerful platform to ensure that customer is not overwhelmed with the information due to proactive customer support:

  1. Guide through product portfolio & explain features: The cobrowser is a tool that allows simultaneous navigation of a website by two people geographically apart. In a cobrowsing session, an agent can walk the customer through the product portfolio focusing on products of interest and explaining their features and advantages.
  2. Provide product recommendations based on needs: By initiating an interactive video discussion via live video chat, a customer service agent will be able to develop a good understanding of what the customer is looking for. Based on this the agent can suggest and guide the customer to the right products on the website, cutting down unnecessary browsing by customer.
  3. Highlight relevant information or options across websites: When faced with questions from customers, agents can use the inbuilt tools provided in a cobrowser to point out the relevant information right in the session with a highlighter tool and also annotate as required, turning the website into an interactive interface.
  4. Clear doubts and answer questions live: The wide range of information available can give rise to numerous doubts. Live chat or screen sharing are tools that help in sorting out issues instantly, thus not leaving the customer in confusion.
  5. Assist in complex transactions like forms: The cobrowsing software allows simultaneous scrolling and collaborating on activities like form filling. Customer support agents can assist the customer live at each stage eliminating concerns and problems.

The benefits of doing supporting the customer proactively in identifying relevant information are many. Few of the key ones are:

  • Improved sales conversions as customers are able to successfully conclude their buying process thanks to identifying correctly the information and products that they need
  • Faster buying cycles as customers don’t waste time in irrelevant details and are guided to their specific needs immediately.
  • Lower site abandonment due to faster problem resolution arising from prompt service delivered by customer agents
  • Higher trust and loyalty from customers as they consistently have a smooth and supportive experience during their website visits.
  • Improved cross-sell and up-sell rates as customer support executives can showcase additional products options based on their understanding of customer needs.