Document Sharing Online: What It Means for Virtual Educators and Librarians

In What Is the Future of Technology in Education, the author reiterates that future education must be globally accessible to everyone. The emergence of massive open online courses (MOOCs) has already signaled a move toward that direction, but more has to happen in terms of technological solutions to make learning or training available to anyone anywhere.

Education research states that as knowledge construction depends on information sharing, the importance of collaboration and information delivery tools cannot be overemphasized. Thus effective knowledge accumulation and sharing can only happen with the availability of powerful video conferencing systems with capabilities for co-browsing and document sharing online.

Moreover, the University of Washington Center for Teaching and Learning site offers a discussion on “constructive ways” to integrate technology into the classroom, where collaboration platforms with tools to share documents or images online have been identified as a major technology solution for virtual education or training. The unfortunate truth is that while many solutions are readily available in the market, they are so divergent and disconnected that they create barriers rather than offering solutions.

The above article further establishes that under the given technological barriers, the Cloud platform is the only solution for the future growth and sustenance of virtual education. The Cloud ensures technology as a service, where academic institutions or libraries with virtual campuses will not have to invest in technological infrastructures and support services; they would simply outsource their services to Cloud-based service providers.

The following conclusions can be drawn about future virtual education:

  • Learning or instructional technologies supporting the Cloud are best investments in the future.
  • Learning or instructional technologies that are well integrated with the mobile platform (BYOD environment) are best positioned for the future.
  • Learning or instructional technologies providing app-based tools are perfect for modular instruction or training purposes.
  • Technologies supporting content-sharing for delivering instructional or training materials may be highly popular in future.

To date, technology vendors may have offered solutions, but a technically sound, cohesive solution was lacking in most of the virtual academic environments.

Now, VeriShow’s powerful multi-chat platform with in-built capabilities for co-browsing and document sharing online brings a unified solution or global educators, students, researchers, and the library community,

The VeriShow Solution: Document Sharing Online Through an App

Here are some significant advantages of using the VeriShow platform:

  • A complete SaaS solution with platform benefits
  • Instant document, image, or video sharing through apps
  • Concurrent sharing of multiple files for discussions, teaching, or training
  • Full integration with the mobile platform
  • Complete data security and privacy of knowledge exchange
  • 24/7 uptime with low bandwidth utilization

If you need to understand how exactly the solution works with its document sharing online feature, then get acquainted with the product demo.