With the shape of car industry changing due to technology, car dealerships have had to adapt their functioning and their processes in order reach their business goals.

The biggest shift experienced by the dealerships is the customers’ preference for online channel  – most customers are now carrying out activities like researching, contacting dealers, and gathering information online as it is easier and more efficient.

While a small percentage of buyers today according a study by McKinsey & Company have a preference to buy online, a vast majority around 80 percent still prefer to test drive the cars before buying. This makes it essential to have rich online interaction in the initial sales phases to ensure that the customer reaches the showroom.

Building a strong connection with customers is therefore a vital need for dealers. Empowering the dealer staff with the right tools is the first step towards creating rapport with the customers who visit the dealership’s website, increasing the chances of a trip to the showroom.

One of the latest innovations available now to enhance sales interactions is Real time engagement tools. These tools bring in better level of connection enabling higher sales productivity and customer satisfaction.

Empowerment With Real Time Tools

Technology can usher in a wide range of benefits in businesses processes by improving efficiencies and speed of transactions. The latest tech development webRTC -based virtual engagement platform makes it possible to dramatically improve the functioning of the sales personnel by giving them abilities to connect proactively with customers and provide concrete help to them, at the right stages.

Co-browsing, video chat and live chat are some of the prominent features of the platform. These multi-faceted tools help sales personnel to engage with the customers deeply, understand their needs and handle their requirements instantly. Following are 5 ways in which the platform boosts the productivity of sales teams:

  1. Personalized Assistance : With co-browsing sales agents can step into situations where they can provide live help in issues facing the customer. The tool allows simultaneous sharing of screen using which agents can provide step-by-step guidance on complex transactions or explain a process or product features.
  1. Human-to-human interaction Via Live Video Chat: The video chat is an easy way to have a direct conversation with the customers, which enables in better understanding of problems, removes misunderstandings and makes the process much faster. The agent is able to have a quick appreciation of the customers’ situation which enables him to offer the right solution.
  1. Convenient And Quick Live Web Chat : Web chat as a medium of conversation between customer service agents and customers has become highly popular in the past few years due to the convenient and ease of the channel. Customers looking for a clarification or additional information can easily reach out to a company representative with just a click of a button
  1. Share Documents Instantly Without 3rd Party Apps: Documents play a vital role in the buying process of a car. The inbuilt document transfer feature makes it possible to send and receive all formats of documents while in discussion through chat or co-browsing
  1. Multi-media Multi-modal Help : The real-time engagement platform offer a rich multi-media experience as company representatives can a provide simultaneous support via phone , chat and in-screen intervention through co-browsing, bringing a show-and-tell aspect to interactions
Virtual Engagement Platform Delivers Multiple Business Benefits
  1. Improved customer service: The tools empower the dealership staff to deliver high quality intuitive customer service that efficiently deals with customer needs and delivers the right solution at the right time.
  2. High level of FTRs: Instead of long emails or phone calls to solve an issue, the instant interaction enabled by the real time engagement tools boosts the rate of resolution the first time an issue is raised.
  3. Faster sales cycles : The complicated process of buying a car makes it lengthy process, requiring lot of discussion and information sharing. Using these real time interaction tools, the agents are able to speed up the process by cutting out any delay in responses or transfer of information.
  4. Choice For Appropriate support: The multimedia support available in the all-in-one virtual engagement platform enables sales staff to choose from wide range of support options, enabling them to pick the appropriate one depending on customer needs.