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Having a strong customer base is undoubtedly the most powerful key to any business’s success. Without customers there is no revenue and without revenue no business can ever exist. Hence, calling your customers your pillars of success would neither be wrong, nor be an overstatement. It is... Weiter lesen

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With digitization of information, shopping, newspapers, photos and other expectations of information customers in every field of business have been soaring. This eventually leads to a rapid rise in the number of enquiries and complaints by customers. But are the companies equipped with lat... Weiter lesen

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Sales enablement is the latest of the modern B2B sales trends. Unlike other well-established business functions (arguably, sales enablement can be stated to be a function of a business rather than a passive work), sales enablement is very poorly defined. In a nutshell, it means different t... Weiter lesen

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Sales processes usually become disjointed and without any consistency, because of the massive amount of files and contents that passes through the sales representatives, various challenges that the sales reps have to go through every day, the online issues and the offline activities for ma... Weiter lesen

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Over the years, shifts in the business environment such as  globalization, technological advancements and changing customer expectations has impacted the buying process, whether of a daily-use item or a high-end electronics gadget. To deal effectively with the demands made by such shifts,... Weiter lesen

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