What Does VeriShow’s Collaborative browsing Technology Offer to the Insurance Providers?

A fairly recent Claims Customers Survey conducted by Accenture surveyed nearly 8,000 property & casualty insurance customers in 14 countries in the mature markets of North America and Europe; and in the emerging markets of Turkey and Brazil.

According to this survey:

  • Globally, insurers are struggling to keep customers from switching to competing insurance providers.The customers find all competitive data and statistics of providers at their fingertips, which help them to switch providers more often.
  • The restless customers have increased demands and expectations from their insurance providers.

Further, the survey claims that customers want speed and transparency of insurance application and claims processes, more flexibility in contacting the insurer anytime, anyplace, timely access to necessary information, and the ability to engage with the insurer on a preferred communication channel. These findings confirm that today’s customers are more willing to engage in digital business models to receive personalized products and services. The results of this survey available here: Accenture Claims Customer Survey – Data

As the smart customers believe in eating the cake and having it too, they are increasingly demanding the convenience of technological business models combined with the “live” human support.

A tough challenge? Yes, but well met with VeriShow’s collaborative browsing technology.

VeriShow Co-browsing product: Superior Customer Service for Insurance Providers

After launching the co-browsing tool from an existing VeriShow chat session through a simple mouse click, the insurance agent or customer-service representative can instantly begin to help the customer review policy terms, fill up an application form, view other sites together and discuss, and even comment and save the discussions for later use. No need for special downloads or plug-ins.

  • Live Guidance –  Instead of waiting in overburdened help lines or wading through long-winded product manuals, customers can get instant help when they want, where they want through the web-based co-browsing technology. The service session that begins with a text or video chat can extend to a collaborative browsing session where the  customers one-on-one, guided help in filling forms, understanding terms, or calculating premiums.
  • Speed of execution – Whether it is exploring a new insurance policy or understanding the various benefits of the policy, the insurance agent can engage in co-browsing a specific page on the site with the customer to quickly explain the benefits of a new policy. The powerful annotation and collaboration features enable a “face-to-face” environment where the insurance agent and the customer can discuss most of the knotty issues without a physical meeting.
  • Personalized Help Modules – The way VeriShow has designed the collaborative browsing product, a host of different functionalities are offered as apps. This modular design enables complete control and flexibility of the customer environment; the customer can choose which apps to use for the service session.
  • Instant After-Sales Support – Now VeriShow’s co-browsing tool can help to provide “first call resolution” (FCR) support by delivering instant solutions and building strong customer loyalty.
  • Seamless Integration with E-Commerce Solutions – VeriShow has a highly friendly approach to communicating with other solutions to provide an enriched experience for the customer. Some of these solutions are Salesforce, LivePerson, Zendesk, or WordPress.

Find out more about this one-click solution, where the customer can engage in instant co-browsing with the insurance agent from the current chat session.