Deliver Superior Online Customer Service With Co-browsing Solutions from VeriShow

Effective online customer service needs to be quick, intuitive and responsive. VeriShow’s

Co-browsing software can be leveraged to convert every website visit into a rich interactive experience.

Proactive customer engagement is particularly vital online since it can help reduce cart abandonment which at 68 % is a serious issue for online retailers. Traditional channels such as call center or email support provide service that is slow, limited in scope and lacks personal touch, which results in them losing impact. Using VeriShow’s real-time virtual engagement tool, the co-browser, can provide distinctive customer service using its powerful features to connect to customers, and provide live assistance at the right moment of need.

Co-browsing is an easy and simple way to share browsing sessions between customers and customer service representatives. By using this tool you will be able to instantly see what the customer is browsing and leverage this information to serve the customer better. It allows the agent to walk the customer through the site, explain product features, and assist in filling forms and other such actions.

This form of engagement enables a never-before collaborative experience that makes the customer connect with your brand and encourages them to continue their journey on your website.

Powerful Features of VeriShow’s Co-browsing Solutions

Easily Deployable Solution

VeriShow’s real-time collaboration platform uses patented HTML5 technology which is easy-to-implement, not needing any special software installations or download. The platform is the extremely cost-effective making it a hassle-free solution to engage with the customers in interactive browsing.

  • Browser-based – VeriShow’s co-browsing solutions only needs a browser to work..
  • Seamless integration with your website: The technology used in the platform integrates with your website smoothly and partner programs. The co-browser has optional configurations that can be modified to suit specific business needs.

 Comprehensive Yet Flexible Functionality

  • Co-browse without data loss-Since the co-browsing solution is compatible with cookies, on connecting your agent will see the webpage with customer’s choices loaded such as cart items, language, etc. This makes your agent’s interaction context-aware.
  • Features to Support Collaboration – Co-browsing allows the agent to help the customer to fill forms, synchronize click and scroll movements enabling a smooth and truly collaborative experience on your website .
  • One-click connect facility: The platform sets up a one-click-to-connection service on your website using which the customer can instantly connect with your agent. No hold times, no forms or emails to write. Just instant human interaction.
  • Mobile and desktop compatibility: VeriShow’s solutions can be deployed across any kind of device – mobiles, tablets and computers

Highly Secure Solution

The facility to simultaneously browse is not at the cost of your customer’s privacy or security.

  • Option to mask fields: Sensitive input fields like credit card numbers masked so they are not viewable to others 
  • Limited access: The co-browser enables the agent to see only the specified website on the customers’ end. Other open programs, the desktop, windows or browser tabs are not accessible. Additionally the software also gives you the power to choose the level of functionality which could be either view-only mode or agent control. 

How will Co-browsing solutions help your business?

With such an extensive range of features, co-browsing delivers numerous business benefits. Some of these are:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The facility of delivering personalized customer support and engaging deeply with the customer and their needs resulting in faster resolution of customer queries and issues resulting in better experience of your brand for customers
  • Superior productivity: Sales personnel will be able to do better in closing sales as they are able to step in at the right time and resolve questions or queries from the customers instantaneously. The flexibility provided by the VeriShow’s platform in providing both proactive and reactive service is a great tool for retailers to improve sales conversion on their site. 
  • Decrease cart abandonment rate: Real-time tools help in ensuring that customers are given the option to reach a live person quickly. This reduces the number of customers who give up their shopping on a website from frustrations in the process. 
  • Build Customer Trust and Loyalty: Prompt and interactive customer service can improve levels of customer trust and satisfaction to a great deal, improving customer retention for you.