Revenue generation is the basic aim of any company and they often look for the alternatives that not only prove cost effective but win clienteles heart too! This could be done by working along with the clients with the aid of co-browsing.

What is co-browsing?

Collaborative browsing or co-browsing is a technique, run through software and permit users of an organization to build interaction with clientele through client’s web browser for showing them something. Like in this case, if a B2B consumer is facing hiccups while placing any order get the facility to connect with the customer service representative who helps them to utilize those ordering pages with the impression that they are ordering it through their output devices- keyboard and mouse. Co-browsing includes several interaction media such as: telecommunication, fax, email, internet connectivity etc. Directly it permits an organization and its clientele to remain on the same page with ease.

No one can ignore the fact that today’s marketing world has maximum empowered customers. Today buyers first educate themselves about all the similar goods in the market and after comparing every feature they make the decision of buying. Sellers are acknowledged with this fact and hence they never fail to take the aid of nine channels to meet the demand of the competitive era.

Time is money in today’s era and customers hate to devote any extra minute or effort while complaining or taking any other assistance. Moving to IVR is the best solution adapted to them.

Features of co-browsing

Certain distinct features that prove co-browsing as an indispensable service in today’s era are as follows:

  • Clients get the facility of launch sessions with the company website’s service representative. 24X7 assistance is made available for clientele through this feature.
  • You are not required to download any program for utilizing co-browsing service or to send mail to staff as through one contact their issues are resolved immediately they contact anyone from customer care. This feature is likely for those who want to make every effort to self-serve. You are not bound to have extreme experience. Even during the unsuccessful transaction or need to wait for a minimum time span to resolve the issues. The session commences in a fraction of seconds without wondering about the alerts associated with malware or firewall.
  • Service representatives do not possess any right to mouse clicks or keyboard entries as the whole right is completely in the hand of the prospect.
  • Prospect privacy is not revealed to anyone and no sensitive information is shared by the website.
  • All kind of advanced and innovative web presentation technology is supported by second generation co-browsing services.
  • This technique is not restricted to any particular website only and any tools or sites could be explored for raising their inquiries. Consumers these days opt for the ways which are simple and anonymity related with the Web.

Co-browsing renders an upper hand in client’s familiarity while providing advantages to both beneficial parties. This technique ensures that company sustain in the imminent of clients service. It directly affects the e-commerce, IT, security, compliance and contact center of business. The customer gets immediate aid through co-browsing. The functions, user interface, and content should be continuously improved of any consumer facing website but with the assurance that the option of calls for assistance is always there. This technique ensures that by sharing the screen of your computer you take the aid of service representative for completing any complicated transaction, navigation to other sites, solving any complicated or confusing issue, completion of a transaction etc. Data filling is also done by this process. Your sensitive information is secured too by employing this technique. Henceforth it not only saves your time but your data too! It reduces the possibility transaction errors by the consumer.

It also saves a huge part of customer service expense. It is a real player in the B2C and B2B organization as it offers a user interface interaction during complex sales, navigation assistance, low-frequency transaction, premium service to the big value accounts and above all to the customer onboarding.