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How to Use Video Chat and Co-browsing to Increase Sales?
December 4, 2013

The subject of video chat and co-browsing for customer service is becoming popular by the day. This is probably thanks to…

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Live Video Help – Like Amazon’s but for Everyone Else
November 20, 2013

Three weeks ago, Amazon launched the ‘Mayday’ button on their Kindle HD tablets. With a single-click, users can spontaneously video conference…

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Why is Co-browsing the Ultimate Live Help Service?
October 16, 2013

Co-Browsing. It’s not a term you hear very often. In this post we’ll investigate just what co-browsing means, and some of…

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Superior Audio/Video Quality & New Features Added
October 8, 2013

VeriShow 4.8 | Release Notes We’ve just released a new version of VeriShow, which includes quite a few new features and…

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Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!
September 30, 2013

Amazon has just released two new models for Kindle Fire HDX. As Wired magazine reports, the most interesting feature of those…

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Leveraging Video Chat Software to Address Prospect Obstacles to Conversion
September 11, 2013

If you’re a consumer of business technology, you have undoubtedly spent many hours speaking with vendors and reading white papers that…

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Live Chat on Mobile, Faster Co-browser & More!
August 27, 2013

VeriShow 4.7 | Release Notes Browser-based mobile support, significantly faster co-browsing, improved user interface and other improvements now available in VeriShow’s…

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Personal Live Chat Buttons & Japanese Support
July 22, 2013

VeriShow 4.6 | Release notes VeriShow 4.6 introduces new, cool-looking live chat buttons, Japanese localization and bug fixing. Live Chat Buttons…

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Co-browsing with Live Chat, Audio, Video and Content-Sharing Officially Released!
June 16, 2013

VeriShow 4.5 | Release Notes VeriShow 4.5 includes the official release of our patent-pending co-browser which is now out of beta….

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Under Your Current Sales Interactions, Lucrative Prospects May Be Slipping Through the Cracks
May 27, 2013

Marketers live and die by many adages and catchphrases. Today we’d like to look at two and see how they relate…

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