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4 Misconceptions About Online Customer Service
September 13, 2011

Ask even the most established e-business about the principles of online customer service, and you’re likely to hear some wild misconceptions….

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Top 5 Customer Service Shout Outs on Twitter in August
September 6, 2011

In this time of extreme transparency and immediate public feedback, criticisms and reviews, every business owner shudders at the repercussions that…

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Getting to Perfect Customer Service with Multimedia Chat
August 30, 2011

Business executives and customer service representatives alike analyze at length various online and offline variations of high-touch and low-touch customer service….

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4 Popular Levels of Customer Engagement
August 25, 2011

Today’s online marketers and retailers are eager to deliver “customer engagement” But you need to meet your customers at their preferred…

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4 Tips For Your Customer Service Reps on Multimedia Chat
August 23, 2011

Let’s say you’ve deployed multimedia chat. You’ve taken a big step toward better customer support and increased sales rates. However, you…

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Pamper High-Value Customers With Better e-Service
July 21, 2011

E-businesses want to deliver superior customer service to all their prospects, but enterprises also recognize that for some sales, the demands…

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How to Stem Customer Attrition
June 30, 2011

Customer attrition hurts the bottom line, but an online engagement strategy that’s targeted at addressing the concerns of unhappy customers…

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The Cyber Customer is always right!
November 24, 2010

A recent audio story on marketplace (a show on National Public Radio) spotlighted Land’s End – the rugged/smart/ casual clothier known…

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