Banner Ads with Clickable Live Engagement: Online Advertising Has Come a Long Way

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, both traditional and digital marketers are forced to invent new strategies to help build sales. Businesses that make the most out of their online marketing and advertising budgets are the ones which are most likely to become leaders in their respective industries.

Among the many advantages of digital marketing, the top-rated ones are a level-playing field for competitors regardless of size, reduced cost, measurable results, sustainable brand development, wider exposure, and greater audience engagement through interactive actions—as indicated by 5 interactive advertising trends for 2015.

As the world of evolving technology, along with digital marketing and social media continue to affect consumer behavior and digital advertising practices, the businesses that fail to adapt to this technological evolution are at risk of losing out.

According to 10 Online Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2015, a marked increase in hyper-segmentation of audience markets, where “personalized story telling” is the core selling strategy, will result in online advertising embracing best video chats and live video conferencing technologies to deliver custom storyboards with minimal time and cost investments.

The pulse of digital advertising is communication technology, the most powerful of which, according to most popular trends, is the best video chat technology The 4 Digital Advertising Trends That Are Reshaping Advertising seems to suggest that in an era dominated by view able impressions, the most economical way to capture prospects through online Ads is through a live chat session accessed via a clickable button in the text or banner Ad.

Another rising trend is Programmatic advertising, which according to e Marketer, has been the most significant advertising activity in the in 2014, with programmatic-display-ad spending touching 137.1%, around $10 billion! This phenomenal growth represents 45% of the total US digital display ad market.

Technology offers newer and better methods to increase the ROI of banner or test Ads, one of which is real-time chat applications. The above discussions point towards optimized banner or text Ads, which can be further tuned with interactive video chats to capture an already established micro market. The Honda Civic and Civic R-Type YouTube experience proves the success of interactive videos.

Video Chat straight from within the banner ad:

VeriShow’s best video chat platform enables this kind of personalized interaction and storytelling strategies to capture the right audience.Vendor embed the Verishow link in their banner ad. The consumer, can, by a single click,meet the vendor rep straight from within the ad! Consumers enjoy that high degree of personalization in the Ad and respond very positively.

Verishow’s Best Video Chat Platform: the Direct Benefits

  • Can be a SaaS solution requiring no hardware investments.
  •  Promises 24/7 uptime with low bandwidth usage.
  •  Can be easily launched through a clickable button in a text or banner Ad.
  •  Provides instant access to live customer interaction and engagement with sales rep.
  • Provides additional support for co-browsing products, comparative literature, or price trends.
  • Offers app for document or image sharing for comprehensive review of products, services, or company’s mission and history.
  • Offers an excellent platform for building and distributing personalized stories.

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