As in the case of several other industries, Artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing in tangible changes to the field of customer service.

According to research firm Forrester, the future of customer service will feature AI-driven software solutions in a big way, transforming how customer support is delivered. In a recent report , Forrester pointed out that many major companies have already adopted intelligent agents to carry out routine repetitive tasks. The research company believes the AI based software solutions will not replace human agents, but in fact enhance the service delivered by them to customers.

The Many Advantages Of Using AI

The core benefits from automated customer service programs are many: speedy responses, customers have access to support at all times, and reliable service can be provided at low costs. But nonetheless AI programs like Chabot’s have limitations that impact the quality of service:

  • They cannot be used for even slightly complex issues , let alone intricate discussions
  • They are not foolproof –offering erroneous or confusing solutions at times
  • They can cause increased customer frustration as they may fail to solve problems
  • They don’t have any potential for strengthening customer relationships

The Competitive Edge From AI-Enhanced Customer Service

Such limitations confirm that human agents will continue to play a pivotal role in delivering top notch customer support. Companies must however leverage tech solutions to help their customer service agents deliver differentiated service by combining the advantages from technology with the human touch.

The right tech solutions can help add value by:

  • Delivering unique customer experience: Agents can access customer history or preferences quickly enabling them to give personalized attention
  • More productive sessions: Agents can accomplish more in sessions by using technology to speed up transactions or engaging deeper.

Bringing Human Touch With Real time virtual collaboration

The Real time collaboration suite is a powerful platform that has the potential to bring human touch to customer service. It comprises a range of tools such as the cobrowser, video chat, instant document sharing and omni channel interaction.

Agents can deliver high quality customer support in a variety of situations thanks to its multifaceted features:

  1. Live guidance for handholding customers: When faced with difficulties in carrying out any transaction online, a co-browsing session can be used for step-by-step guidance remotely
  2. Video chat for interactive discussions: Agents can initiate video chats which is a great way incorporate visual engagement and to discuss complex issues in a face-to-face setting.
  3. Omni-channel support: With tools like VeriShare or VeriTalk agents can combine live support like cobrowsing or video share with telephonic help which helps faster resolution of problems
  4. Secure document transfer: The platform offers facilities to share documents securely even whilst in a live session eliminating wait time.

The quality of customer service ultimately depends on how the customers are treated during their interactions with the company. By providing the right tech tools, customer service agents are empowered to consistently deliver superior support.