App-Based Healthcare Service: From A Vision to a Reality

According to Five Key Trends Reshaping the Future of Healthcare, the trend that is fast gaining popularity among both the healthcare community and the customers is healthcare services available through apps. In the present day, everyone talks about virtual healthcare, telehealth, and remote health facilities delivering services anytime, anywhere.

Soon, more and more health facilities may even make surgeries available via apps!

Today, the mobile health apps collect vital signs from human patients through wired or wireless channels or physical devices. Research states that more than 9,000 healthcare apps are already available on the smart-phone device.

The Deloitte Healthcare and Life Science Predictions 2020 takes a snapshot of  the US healthcare services landscape of the Year 2020. According to this forecast, the medical technology industry sales are expected to increase from USD 363.8 billion in 2013 to USD 513.5 billion in 2020, in which “in-vitro diagnostics” will be the top segment. The findings of this survey suggest:

  • In the coming years, video interactions between patients and clinicians will be increasingly favored in place of physical meetings.
  • E-diagnostics and remote medical facilities will become commonplace for millions of patients who hate travelling or physical waiting periods.
  • Tele-mentoring will enable the experienced surgeon to remotely guide an on-site surgeon to conduct surgery with full regulatory requirements and clinician support

Among the recent surge in digital tools to invade the healthcare market, the VeriShow’s live chat platform is already in use among remote health facilities. The best document sharing functionality further extends the capabilities of this platform.

VeriShow Best Document Sharing Tool: What Is in Store for Health Professionals 

This overview unveils the hidden potential of online document sharing technology:

  • Best document sharing

Any health care professional can instantly share content such as medical reports, images, procedural instructions, or health insurance data with a customer or patient while chatting in a browser-based chat session. This environment simulates a face-to-face meeting.

  • Concurrent file sharing

The share power lies in the ability to share multiple files, which may include images, comparison data, medical opinion data, or price tables for making sound, informed decisions about particular healthcare issues.

  • Mobile integration

As most customers rely on the mobile platforms for business interactions, VeriShow’s patent-pending, HTML5-based mobile browser facilitates communication from mobile devices without any plug-ins or install.

  • Modular design for easy customization

The technology-savvy customers enjoy being able to tailor and control their e-commerce experiences. The Verishow platform provides tremendous flexibility in terms of its apps that can be easily added or removed to an account, based on individual needs.

  • Complete data security

While the best document sharing technology is offered directly through a browser-based chat session, the service provider does not have access to any customer window, tab, or program.

  • Full compatibility with operating platforms

VeriShow is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and Apple devices.