The beauty of real-time live engagement the VeriShow way is that sales reps. have many options for enhancing and elevating text chat. Based on the individual prospect’s needs, the agent can employ video, joint form fill, document annotation and other applications to close a deal. Sometimes, though, it helps to have a cheat sheet.

For example, IF a customer expresses confusion about gift selection, THEN the rep can step in as a personal shopper, showcasing suggested products with the live video feed app. And IF the sales rep. senses a need to sustain support all the way through payment, THEN he or she can collaborate in the PayPal app.

That kind of if/then guidance extends to other best practices for live engagement. Here are four of our favorite useful tips:

1. IF you plan to take calls from visitors frequently, THEN install the free VeriShow dashboard so you won’t leave visitors hanging if you accidentally close your browser.

2. IF you will use voice, THEN use a headset to eliminate echoes and avoid disturbing nearby co-workers.

3. IF you will use video when engaging visitors, THEN ensure you have a high Internet bandwidth, and test your camera to ensure high quality video conversations before running a real-time session.

4. IF you intend to share the same content (e.g., product images and videos) with multiple visitors THEN use the account content section to upload that material so it will be easy to access whenever you need it.