Live engagement technologies in the recent times have shown a marked preference for mobile adoption and for good reasons. This post looks at five different industry sectors or scenarios which can benefit from the mobile live engagement technologies.

Mobile chat for global communication

According to Communication in 2015: Text, Voice, Video, or In-Person, a single mobile device enables a user to send messages in many forms: text, voice, video, or graphic. As different users have higher comfort levels with specific forms, a mobile device provides a “one-size-fits-all” solution for global communicators. Because of its portability and convenience of use, the mobile platform is ideal for facilitating live engagement sessions—both for personal and commercial interactions.

Mobile live engagement in the banking sector

For the average bank customer, the mobile device is always around to provide a quick and easy access to the bank’s portal. For example, RBS has launched an app for mobile chat, which is currently available for business banking customers only. The objective behind introducing this app is reducing call-waiting and in-branch queue times.According to Mobile Chat Has a Place in Every Banking App, the bank customers have readily accepted the practice of using apps for mobile live interactions to engage with bank’s representatives. For the customers, the mobile live engagement functionalities is the easiest, quickest, and most convenient way to get queries answered or problems resolved.

Mobile engagement in the e-retail business

5 Reasons to Implement Live Chat on an Ecommerce Website cites many market research reports that confirm live chat is the preferred customer-service channel for customers of all age groups, it raises customer satisfaction rates, and most customers prefer live chat during online purchases. With the introduction of video chat for both the desktop as well as mobile devices, users demand more personal support especially on mobile devices is expected to increase significantly.

Use of mobile live engagement capabilities during this upcoming holiday season

A Signal survey of 500 U.S. consumers reported that 2015 holiday season will witness more cross-channel customer engagements. What is interesting to note in this Report is that 67% of consumers plan to browse sites more frequently from smartphones or tablets than last holiday season, and 60% of consumers plan to buy more frequently from smartphones or tablets than last holiday season.Similar results are re-confirmed by Two-Thirds of Holiday Shoppers Will Go Mobile This Season. Based on this survey reports, it can be assumed that during this holiday season, digital shoppers on the mobile platforms will use the live video chat and co-browsing tools, if available, for a more personalized shopping experience. Moreover, whenever these shoppers will run into return or exchange issues, they will use the mobile chat platform to connect with customer-service departments of e-retailers.

Mobile live engagementfor the digital contact centers

Mobile apps encourage self-service. They enable customers to switch between Video chat and textual chat. These capabilities including the mobility element made it the preferred communication channel for users and consequently in digital contact centers, as indicated in The Digital Evolution Journey of the Contact Center points out.

The direct customer benefits of mobile engagements include receiving offers that are directly relevant to them, instant business responses in a social-media like environment, and immediate contact with CS departments. The business benefits of mobile engagement systems include brand management with proactive customer feedback, ability to send alerts/notifications, and responding to customer requests with targeted offers and better personal attention..