Customer service is such a critical factor that it can make or break a company. A worldwide survey has shown that 62 percent of consumers worldwide stopped dealing with a brand or an organization after experiencing poor customer service. This clearly highlights that a business can’t afford to neglect this aspect at any cost.

For online businesses, the issue is particularly critical. The website is the only direct interface that customer interacts with during his experience with the brand. A poor experience during this journey can result in customer losing interest and moving to a competitor. When this happens, it gets reflected in high rate of site abandonment and poor conversions which have to be tackled mandatorily if business performance is to be improved.

By developing a culture of customer centricity, online businesses will be able make sure that delivering top notch customer service is a priority for every employee. Deploying processes and tools that support delivery of high quality intuitive support is an important step towards this, as  customer support agents will be encouraged provide outstanding service, which will result in customer trust and loyalty.

Using Technology to Deliver Enriched Customer Service

Technological tools can be leveraged to raise the quality of customer service in the online medium. A prime example of technology that can dramatically enhance quality of customer experience is the Real time engagement platform. It comprises tools like live video chat and cobrowser that bring human touch to online interactions, resulting in improved customer experiences forming the basis for building strong relationships:

  1. Enhance Customer Communication With Live Help: For online customers, a key challenge is lack of access to live help from the company’s side. Answering questions or clearing doubts or unexpected problems are important to be handled immediately, else customers may abandon their journey and leave. With live tools like live chat plugin or online video chats, customers can reach out to speak to a human instantly
  1. Reduce Handling Time of Customer Queries: It can be a frustrating experience for customers who have to wait for long to get answers to their questions. Companies can remove this source of dissatisfaction with live chat help available at click of a button, ensuring that customers feel that their problems are being addressed promptly
  1. Develop Better understanding of Customer Needs: Companies can make customers feel valued by customizing their service to their needs and expectations. Customer support executives can achieve this by initiating interactive with video chats which allows face-to-face conversations and deeper understanding
  1. Provide Personalized Attention: Online businesses can tailor a customer’s journey according to their requirements. Tools such as Cobrowser enables step-by-step personal help in accomplishing complex tasks while video chats are invaluable for indepth discussions.
  1. Provide the Right Tools to Customer Service Staff: Support executives can deliver better service and meet expectations only if they have the knowledge and tools to do so. By ensuring that the right technological tools are available, companies can make sure that their representatives are providing unique service features like one-on-one discussions and personal online tours