Today’s online marketers and retailers are eager to deliver “customer engagement” But you need to meet your customers at their preferred levels of engagement. Enhancing chat with multimedia apps can be an effective way to meet that goal in real time. However, e-businesses should first determine which levels of engagement are appropriate for – and welcomed by – individual customers and prospects.

Here are the likely customer engagement scenarios your customer service reps. will encounter.

1. Leave me alone; I’m browsing. These customers might appreciate hand-holding at times, or they might not. Either way, similar to being turned away by customers at a brick and mortar store, customer service reps online should give browsers the space they need. Either way, you will make a strong first impression by alerting your potential customers that personalized assistance and live support is available at their fingertips.

2. I am unsatisfied with my experience with your brand. Fix it. These customers need immediate attention. Quality customer support has a direct impact on your bottom line so when your customers have issues, make sure that you address them fully the first time they contact you. Answering questions, fixing problems and explaining product options will keep visitors on site and satisfied. In this word of mouth age, your ability to rectify customer complaints will only help your brand and overall success.

3. I am ready to purchase, but I need help. Increase sales and average order value (AOV) by demonstrating products and popular-selling accessories. By listening to what visitors want, guiding them through their purchasing decision (apps such as PayPal make this easy for all involved), and providing a face-to-face demonstration – right from your website – will only work in favor of the purchase.

4. I have no idea which package or product is right for me. Address these customers with a combination of chat, video and audio conferencing and document and image sharing in order to close sales, up-sell orders and increase your average order value. Leveraging interactive tools such as whiteboards, screen sharing, form completion, live video feed and more, will make the process as seamless as possible for your customers.

These types of customers live all over the globe and may shop with you next. Don’t worry; we also have automatic translation services for international versions of the above.