Co-browsing or collaborative browsing has been attracting popularity across the globe because of the beneficial aspects of the application. It basically allows simultaneous navigation of any web page by two or more parties. When combined with other similar applications such as screen sharing and video chat, co-browsing can make companies achieve new milestones as far as the customer service is taken into consideration. Speaking about customer service, e-commerce companies possess a need to ace their customer service a tad more than the rest of the companies because they will never have the chance to meet their customers personally. According to How co-browsing technology improves e-commerce experience, “In an e-commerce environment, it’s important to pay attention to what works, and co-browsing technology can help. Therefore, the co-browsing technology can bring about a number of fascinating upgrades into the e-commerce industry.

Here are 4  benefits that the e-commerce industry can enjoy with the use of co-browsing:
  1. Reduces cart abandonment: Customers enjoy browsing through a large number of products online and eventually buying them if it suits the criteria they’re searching for. However, if a customer is unable to find what he is looking for, he will most probably abandon his cart and look for the same product somewhere else. This is exactly where co-browsing comes into the picture. Browsing along with the customers and helping them in finding what they’re looking for results in the reduction of cart abandonment.
  2. Completion of complex transactions: While shopping on e-commerce websites, customers generally tend to make smaller transactions since they have no personal contact with the agent/seller and they find it hard to trust them with bigger transactions. According to Co-browsing for e-commerce: give customers a personalized experience, “A lot of people drop their carts when it’s time to fill out data on order forms or enter a credit card number because of usability and fear issues. Agents can guide the customers and make them complete bigger transactions via combining co-browsing and video chat software.
  3. Increase in trust and goodwill: A person cannot trust a mere website, he/she needs another person who can be trusted. Therefore, when customers shop online, they possess fears of fraud. This happens because the customers cannot make direct contact with another human being. Co-browsing combined with other applications such as video chat/live chat lets the agent provide a human touch to the entire transaction. The customers can instantly contact the agent and get their queries resolved within no time. This leads to customer satisfaction and trust building which in turn leads to a greater goodwill.
  4. Boosts sales and conversions: When the agent navigates the customer’s page constantly, he understands what the customer prefers and accordingly, his preferences are registered in the systems. Every time the same customer comes backs, the agent finds it easier to cater to the customer and satisfies him instantly with the help of co-browsing and other customer service channels. Since the customer feels prioritized by the company, he tends to make more and more transactions from the same company because of the great customer service.