Customers often form a long-standing opinion about a brand based on their interactions. Even a single experience can have a massive impact on how customers perceive the brand, and can decide if they will do business with it again. Of course, in this era of viral social media, customers spread the word about their experience to many others via posts on Twitter or Facebook, which makes it all the more critical for companies to focus on providing top-notch  customer service.

Companies have recognized how vital this function is. According to Deloitte, over 60 percent of companies consider customer service to be a competitive differentiator.

But rising price pressures and competing priorities can challenge a company which is seeking to improve the quality of its customer service. Improving customer service can call for expensive investments that can prove to be a deterrent.

However there are a few things that every business can do that can improve customer service with low cost inputs:

  1. Provide Comprehensive self-service options: More and more customers prefer to solve issues on their own before taking the effort to find a company representative to give them solutions. Especially if it is a simple question or an oft-encountered problem,   customers like to sort it out by quickly checking up-to-date and easy-to-understand online resources. Comprehensive FAQs, Q&A forums or well-written knowledge base articles are some resources that can go a long way in providing quick solutions
  1. Develop Internal Programs That Reward Great Service Delivery: The Customer service team is the pivot on which customer experience rests. Along with regular training, it is important for companies to implement a recognition system that highlights great ‘Wow” moments delivered by agents.  Regularly collecting such stories of high-quality service and celebrating them develops a culture of customer centricity and encourages agents to serve better
  1. Leverage Cost-effective Yet Powerful Technological tools: Smart use of technology can help companies boost quality of customer service without breaking the bank. Low cost and easy-to-deploy solutions like Real-time engagement tools are one of the top options available to companies looking to provide engaging and interactive customer service. Customers can reach out to company representatives with just a click, reassuring them that they can have a human interaction without much hassle or delay

Customer Service Using Real Time Communication Platform Can Boost Business Performance

By incorporating simple solutions like those mentioned earlier, brands can develop a reputation for superior customer service, which makes customer acquisition easier while enhancing customer lifetime value of existing customers.

Virtual engagement platform makes it easy for customer support staff to engage with customers. Cobrowsing, live video chat and omni-channel support are just some tools that agents can use to provide an enriched yet secure online interaction to customers.

The live and personalized nature of interaction mimics the service provided in-store, turning it a powerful tool to provide memorable customer service. The technology used is webRTC which requires only a browser and an internet connection – so no need for plug-ins or software installations, making it the most cost-effective of customer support solutions.